Cost-cutting Architecture: 6 Tips to save money in building construction

Getting a building constructed eats up lots of your money and construction is getting expensive day-by-day.
And who would not like to save money?
Cutting down the construction cost doesn’t mean compromising with the quality. There are ways where you can save money in building construction and maintain the quality as well.
We all have this question in mind “How to reduce construction cost?” and who would not want to know about cost reduction strategies.
So, let’s have a look at how can you save and get the best results at the same time.

Here are 6 tips that can help you save money in building construction-

1. Select the plot Carefully-

Plot selection is not only about the location but there are many other factors as well, some of which can help you cut down the cost.

What can help you save money while selecting any plot?

  • The soil condition decides the foundation of any building and foundation costs very high. Each type of soil behaves differently and can become a major factor in increasing your expenses.
  • Having plumbing and sanitary connection near your plot can save up your expenses as any separate connection won’t be required.
  • Choosing a plot on the same level as the road and not lower can save you from the filling materials and decrease the construction cost.

2. Choose the right person-

The person you choose for your project be it an architect, designer, contractor, etc. has a great impact on your project. This point mainly highlights how to save by knowing where not to save.
Someone charging less initially can make you bear a lot in the future.
“Sometimes not saving at a point can eventually help you save a lot” or in other words “Saving some amount in the start can cost you too much in the future.”

Ask yourself- Are you even saving money if you keep redoing the things during the process or in the near future?

Why do you need to focus on choosing the right person?

  • Optimizing the design- An architect or a designer can help you save a lot by not overdoing or underdoing the things which a contractor may fail to do.
  • More accuracy- A right person can guide you in a better way and save you from the mistakes in the project.
  • Timely Work- Time is money! Any delay in your project can cost you money in many ways.
    If yours is a commercial project, the delay in the project can be the delay in your dreams or earnings.
    If it’s a residential project, the delay will make you stay in an older place for too long.  

3. Make your building energy efficient-

Even when the project ends, the expenses don’t.
If you can save money every month on electricity and water bills that will be like dream come true.
Those monthly high electric bills make holes in our pockets and we always wish to get rid of it.

How can you reduce energy consumption?

  • A good building orientation can help you minimize the use of lights and fans and help you save energy.
  • There are many methods that can help you keep your space warm during winters and cold during summers.
  • Solar panels and wind turbines are the best way to cut down your energy bills.

4. Consider alternative materials-

Construction or finishing materials take up most of your money in any project.
There are so many alternatives in the market for each and everything these days. Whenever we go to buy something, we can see so many options and the same is applicable for construction materials as well.

What things to be kept in mind while selecting the materials?

  • You should always opt for low maintenance materials to cut down long-term costs and save yourself from the mess of maintenance as well.
  • Locally available materials can help you save on transportation costs.
  • Recycling the material wherever possible is another great idea.

5. Avoid last-minute changes-

We all want to make things better and we generally get some ideas at the last-minute and try to change them on the site but this can be a bad idea. Try to avoid such changes if not necessary to reduce construction cost.

Why last-minute changes are not recommended?

  • Any changes in the plan after the construction has started can cost you more, so always start with the construction after finalizing the design.
  • Be it in design or materials, these last-minute changes can impact on the construction cost and also the quality of the structure.

6. Do not hurry-

There is a famous quote “Slow and steady wins the race”.
Being in rush can worsen up the things and instead of saving time you can end up with a great loss.

Why you should not hurry in finishing your project?

  • Being in a hurry and putting pressure on your contractor or labor can compromise on the quality of work. Poor quality will make you bear a great loss in the near future.
  • There is a time period required for things to happen, not having patience can become a problem for you in the longer term. It is important to give the time that is needed for durability and strength.
    For instance, not giving the appropriate amount of time for curing to concrete can result in cracks and many other problems.  

Even a small saving is very helpful because many small savings can make a big one. So, it’s always important to know all the possible measures to save money in building construction.

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