8 Surprising eco friendly building materials made from waste-

Constructing your building from waste, sounds gross right? But it isn’t.
These eco friendly building materials are made from such waste that we can’t even think of.

We produce 1.3 billion tons of waste each year that end up in landfills; pollutes the environment and affect the animals. But is trash really garbage?
There is already plenty of waste that is being recycled so why not in building construction?

This sustainable approach to building construction is very trendy these days and there are many eco friendly construction materials that are already in use.
These sustainable building materials not only saves the environment but also are better to use, have good properties, and are cost-effective.

In this article, we are going to learn about some of the building materials from waste that are very unusual.

8 Eco friendly building materials that come from 100% waste-

1. Rhino bricks-

Rhino bricks are also known as Silicone Plastic Block (SPB). These are made up of 80% foundry dust and 20% plastic waste. Upon mixing it was found out that waste plastic acts as a binding agent which brings me to the most exciting part about this product.
The interesting thing about these bricks is that no water has been used in its manufacturing process.
These bricks are 2.5 times stronger and 25% lighter as compared to clay bricks.
Also, no curing is needed for the walls made with these bricks and ends up saving lots of water. How cool is this, isn’t it?

Wall constructed with rhino brick

2. Fabric Panels-

Old unwanted clothes turning into building material, sounds insane right? But, what is not possible these days?
The old clothes or textiles are shredded into very fine particles to turn into solid panels which can be used for walls and floors. These fibres are then mixed with a chemical to bind the different components and further compressed under heat to convert them into solid panels.
These panels are a mix of leftover cotton, nylon, polyester, and other fabrics.
They resemble stone, wood, ceramic depending on the texture and color of the cloth. 

3. Newspaper wood-

We all have heard about making paper from wood but did we ever imagine it vice versa? The designers from the Dutch made it possible with their innovation. The recycling process involves compressing the papers or cardboards with solvent-free glue to create wood-like logs. The wood is further sealed to make it waterproof and flame-retardant and works like any normal wooden piece.
When these newspaper logs are cut into usable planks, many thin layers of paper resemble wooden grains and thus gives the aesthetics of real wood. It can be treated like a wooden piece by cutting, milling, sanding, finishing with paint or varnish, etc.

Image- VIJ5
Image- VIJ5

4. Cork Panels-

We have seen so many decorative uses of glass bottles, but what about their corks? In the entire world, 31.7 billion bottles of wine are consumed each year.
Corks can be converted into beautiful mosaic tiles, walls and ceiling panels. These panels are made by granulating the corks with many designs and color possibilities.
It is an excellent sound absorber and can be used as an insulation material. Apart from this, these are hygienic; don’t catch dirt or fungi, anti-allergic, water-resistant, and very easy to maintain.

Image- Amcork
Image- Amcork

5.Mushroom Walls-

Mushrooms turn out to be a very effective building material.
The mushroom-based materials are made from mycelium, a bacterium found in the roots of mushrooms. When these bacteria are placed in a mold, they take up the desired shape in a couple of days. On heating, these bacteria are then stopped growing.
The final product is stronger than concrete and has more insulating power. Mushroom walls are entirely compostable.

Image- Ecovative Design

6. Enviro boards-

Enviro boards are made by recycling agriculture waste such as rice straw, wheat straw, and elephant grass. These harvest residues are crushed, compressed, and converted into different shapes and sizes.
This agricultural waste is generally burned leaving harmful pollutants in the environment.
Enviro boards are the replacement for timber products and can be used as wall and roof linings, partitions, etc.
The most shocking thing about enviro boards is that it can withstand massive earthquakes. They are also fire-resistant, odorless, and have excellent thermal and sound insulation properties.
Enviro boards can be used in multiple ways such as walls, partitions, roofs, soffits, etc.

Image- Solarpedia
Image- Totalbm

7. Recy blocks-

Plastic bags have become a major issue for the environment. Recy blocks are the brick-like structure that solves this issue and keeps the environment safe. Old plastic bags or plastic packaging are pressed in heat to bind them together in blocks. Very light in weight, these walls can be used as partitions for both indoor and outdoor spaces. These are available in a variety of colors depending upon the print of the plastic bags.
Special aesthetic touch is also given to these blocks by using plastic flowers.
The speciality about recy blocks is that they are not translucent, have moderate acoustic properties, and are weather resistant.

Image- Gert De Mulder
Image- Gert De Mulder

8. Nappy roofing-

Does this image look like it’s a product made from used nappies? No right?
Instead of throwing the used nappies and sanitary products into the garbage, it can be used to make roofing materials. Sounds so gross!
But there are special recycling plants that separate the polymers from them and turn them into the plastic. This plastic can further be used to make new products like plastic wood, roof tiles, fibre-based products, etc.

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