Designs impact on our lives: How they improve our physical wellbeing and mental health

Design is everywhere, even in the tiniest of the things around us, and designs impact on our lives is very vital. With so many design niches, today we are going to learn how architecture and interior have an effect on our lives, what is the importance of architecture and interior for a healthy life.

Importance of Design in everyday life-

Observe the sofa/floor/chair/bed where you are laying or sitting currently while reading this or the room you are enclosed by; none of these were possible without design.
We spend every second of our life surrounded by design; at home, in offices, chill-out zones, moving from one space to another, or even when sleeping.
We can only perform better in our life if we are comfortable, happy, and positive around the spaces and that is possible through architecture, interior, and urban design. Hard to believe right?

“Architecture or spaces can affect our lives in ways more than we can imagine”.

When it comes to designing an empty piece of land, it not only brings out some amazing spaces but also helps in designing your life. 

Designs impact on our lives: How it affects our physical wellbeing and mental health

How do built Spaces affect our health?

Architecture, Interior, spatial, urban, and product design are directly linked to human comfort and that gives us happiness. 
Be it your physical health or mental, a good design can make it a lot better. It plays a very important role in designing your life.
There are two main factors that need to be kept in mind-

  1. Safe Design- A space or building should be designed in such a way that it does not create any injuries.
  2. Design Psychology- How design will affect our mental peace is the most important question before starting with any project.

Architecture and interior are to be customized keeping the individual in mind; a particular design cannot be the same for two different individuals. The same space can leave two people with two different moods.

Another thing that affects our mental health is the crimes happening around us. But what most of the people are not aware of is that crime can be prevented with architecture and urban design and can help improve our lifestyle.

Senses and design: Does design affect our senses?

Not only we see the design but also hear, feel, or even smell them. The design should be done keeping in mind the five senses. 
Everything around us affects us be it in a positive way or negative because these are directly linked with our senses. 
Our senses take up all the information from the environment and help us understand things that shape our reality. They help us in making memories and implementing them in design can turn into some amazing moments which can be a mood booster. 

If we design for the senses, we are actually making something worth experiencing.

Designs impact on our lives: How it affects our physical wellbeing and mental health
The image shows how to design for the senses, here two senses are highlighted; touch, and vision.
Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

Let’s learn how different design niches can affect our lives-

Behind the beauty of interiors, architecture often is forgotten but it is the most important aspect of a building. The importance of architecture is generally not understood. Today we are going to get answer to the most asked question. Can a building design affect our lives?
Architecture is much more than just beauty; it decides how we are going to live in a space. 
How architecture affects mental health as well as physical?

  • The way a building is planned decides our movement in that space. A good design can help us circulate in the best way and perform all the tasks very conveniently.
  • Light is the key point when it comes to our mood. Imagine yourself in a dark dull room and now imagine in a room full of natural light and proper air circulation. I am sure just the thought of it boosted your mood, just think what good design can do.
  • Well planned spaces can reduce our risk of accidents and injuries. 
  • The science of Architecture is very important as it directly affects our mental and physical health. 
    Just like there are some norms in our lives that we follow on a daily basis, like sleeping at night and working during the day. Architecture too has some rules that affect our life. 
Designs impact on our lives: How it affects our physical wellbeing and mental health
Architecture decides our movement and what we see.
Image by PIRO4D from Pixabay

We are so familiar with this quote- “What’s on the inside matters the most”, the same is applicable to the buildings as well. 
How does interior design affect us?

  • The moment we enter into any space, it instantly creates a mood within us. A good space will make us spend more time in that place and creates a good impression on the visitors.
  • What we see is what we feel, hence interiors directly affect our mood. 
  • We spend most of our time in the interior spaces where we are far away from nature. Architecture and interior together can solve the problem and bring us close to nature. 
  • Can you believe, even the surface finishes and the furnishings in your space can affect your health. 
Designs impact on our lives: How it affects our physical wellbeing and mental health
Photo by Valeria Boltneva from Pexels

Product design-
We are surrounded by products everywhere and products play a vital role in any space.
How do these affect us and what’s the importance of product design?

  • All the products or furniture we use to sit, sleep, work, eat, etc. gives us comfort to perform a particular task. One wrong detail can create so many health problems for us.
  • A good placement of furniture can help any space look bigger or accommodate many things in a smaller space.
  • With the variety of unique products, we can bring out the best in a space to make up our mood.
Product design is directly linked with our physical health
Photo by Medhat Ayad from Pexels

Designs impact on our lives in many ways. The spaces around us have a great impact on our lives and also plays a role in making us the person we are.  
The World around us keeps on changing in many ways. 
In the new lifestyle that we all try to adjust to with time; we definitely are going to face lots of changes. A good design can make it a lot easier for us and help us live peacefully.  

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