Importance of Architects and Architecture: 6 reasons on why they are important

Before we start discussing the importance of architects let me ask you a simple question.
When it comes to your health, whom do you consult? A doctor or a chemist?
I guess you must have got my point.

Now let’s perform a small exercise.

Look UP!
Look Down!
Look left and then turn to your right!

Everything around you is architecture, so don’t you think that it plays an important role? It definitely does.

To understand why an architect is important, we must also know the importance of architecture; and we will learn both simultaneously in this article.

Here are 6 reasons focusing on the importance of architects and architecture-

1. Brings Quality in your life-

As looking good is important for us to feel good; as we decorate our spaces during festivals or functions just to get that vibe, as we like surprises in our lives, the same goes with architecture as well.
It gives us the vibe we need in our life.

Architecture is an emotion and an architect binds these emotions into spaces.

Architecture has a great impact on our physical and mental health and architects know the right ways that can make it better.

Do you know that well-designed hospitals can help patients recover fast?
Well-designed office spaces can increase productivity and makes work fun?
Well-designed schools can create a better learning environment?
And well-designed homes where we spend most of our day/ life sums up everything.

Even small-small details can change the way we live.

Photo by Aleksandar Pasaric from Pexels

2. Helps you save money-

We often think that architects charge way too much and what we are not able to see is how they can help save us?
Architects have way more knowledge about the market rates, materials, etc. that they surely will get you the best deal.
They can bring the best possible ideas based on your budget without compromising your choice or dreams.
Not only this but they can also help you save money even after years of living in that building with innovative techniques.
Architects already have contact with contractors and they can help you choose the best one. If you choose the wrong contractor you can end up with many mistakes and loss on site.

Someone quoted “The best way to save money is not to lose it”.
Hiring an architect is an investment for life because buildings are constructed once but are occupied for the rest of our lives.

You can also have a look at these 6 tips that can help you save money in building construction.

3. Ensures your safety-

There are many factors that an architect needs to keep in mind before designing any space. One major factor is safety, a good design is the one that does not create any accidents, does not harm users in any way in fact helps them in keeping them healthy and safe.

User’s movement in any space, how to make it free from obstacles, how it won’t create any problems are some of the things that architects think of while designing.
Not only this, but good architecture also focuses on your security. Security and beauty can both go well together? I guess that’s what good design does.

Photo by Andreea Ch from Pexels

4. Improves the environment’s performance-

With so many constructions happening daily and so much of farms and green spaces getting converted into buildings, isn’t it important to focus on saving the environment?
Through architecture we can save nature; why only to take from nature when we can give something back to it.
There are many sustainable approaches that can reduce the harm happening around because of constructions. And architects are surely needed to think and work on this factor.

There are so many new innovations like bricks made up of air pollution, walls made of glass bottles, and whatnot. Using waste to create livable spaces and keeping the environment safe? What better can it be?

5. Building Communities-

Architecture is not only about creating buildings or spaces but also about making communities. Good design encourages interaction and activities, create a sense of understanding. Architects create stronger communities through good architecture.
Architects make buildings lively by giving every space a purpose, making users form a connection with the spaces.
They know how to balance socializing and privacy without creating any disturbance.
One building is occupied by many users and the balance is to be maintained throughout the spaces.
A good design is the one that encourages connection, collaboration, interaction through which we can gain knowledge.

6. Keeps future in mind-

“Change is the only constant”, everything around us keeps on changing; needs, lifestyle, environment.
Is it even architecture if built today and cannot sustain tomorrow?
A successful design is the one that is designed for today keeping in mind the next few years.
Materials that are capable of bearing the changing environment are what exactly needed.
Buildings that can stand against unannounced disasters.
Spaces that can heal us is the need for the future.

FAQ about architects-

How do architects help us?

Architects are capable to improve life by increasing community engagement, focusing on the safety measures, binding the emotions into spaces.

Why do architects play such an important role in society?

Architects make spaces livable; they literally transform an empty piece of land into some useful spaces. Good architecture is the one that communicates with its users.

How do architects help the environment?

Architects not only design the spaces but they also play a great role in saving the environment. They make the buildings energy efficient, go for a sustainable approach, and don’t create any harm to the environment. In fact, they design buildings and spaces that are environmentally friendly.

What is the purpose of architecture?

To improve human life and make their journey joyful and peaceful. To make nature beautiful and finding out solutions that have never been found.

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