Studio apartments: Bringing the most into a small space-

Imagine having a complete home setup in a very small space or room. How exciting it can be to have everything in a limited space as the property rates keep spiraling up with time.

Studio apartment also referred to as studio flat generally consists of a single room comprising of living area, dining area, kitchen, bedroom, and everything you need to make it a home. Even a 1RK (one room and kitchen) also falls under the category of studio apartments. Furnished studio apartments work on the principle of effective space utilization.

The studio flat is quite famous abroad but is becoming very much popular and gaining its demand in India as well.

How much space do you need for a studio apartment?

It is so interesting how homes have changed from big mansions to small apartments. With the increase in population, space has started becoming a point of concern. For the same reason, studio apartments are a great demand.

Studio apartment ranges from 200-700 square feet, but it is less about the size and more about how space is designed.

Positives and negative of Studio type apartment-


1. Pocket-friendly-

Studio apartments are a savior for people having a low budget and wanting to rent or own a house. These apartments can give you a well-furnished and well-maintained home in a prime location much cheaper than a fully-fledged apartment. It becomes an entry point in owning space for first-time buyers. The money saved can be used in other great investments.

2. Location-

Everyone these days prefer living in the center of the city to have easy access to their offices, colleges, and other facilities. Finding a home in the city suburbs is not always convenient keeping the expenses in mind and thus low budget studio apartment is the obvious solution.

3. Low maintenance-

As the space is compact it reduces the time spent on cleaning which is a plus point for students and working professionals who are short on time. Also, requires less electricity and thus saves a lot on energy. 

4. Less furniture more utility-

In Studio apartments, less space doesn’t mean to compromise on your needs. The multi-use furniture will minimize the furniture pieces but still provide every facility you need. This decreases the need for excess furniture from your home.


1. Less space-

These apartments are not a good choice for more than two people and can be used by a limited group of people like single professionals and students.

2. Hosting guests-

It will be difficult for you to host guests overnight due to limited space and privacy issues. A day with guests will surely be no problem in a small studio apartment.

Demand for Studio Flat-

Studio apartments are suitable for students, single working professionals, and couples who are looking for a small space in their budget and also can have a furnished studio.  It also helps them to save up for the future.   

  • People who move out of their cities or villages for work need an affordable place to live in bigger cities. For them, a budgeted home with contemporary amenities in the center of the city near their office spaces becomes a savior.
  • People who are constantly on the move, for them living in a hotel size room that serves all their needs is what exactly they need.

How to make the most of a studio type apartment: Some tips and tricks-

We have left that time back where studio apartments were considered as compact and compromise homes. With all the innovations and new design ideas, they have efficient space to accommodate all your basic needs.Clear Floor- We surely need all the essentials to live in a place, but that doesn’t mean we will consume all the space we have. No matter how well decorated if we won’t have proper circulation space it can break everything. The use of floating pieces, such as shelves can increase the utility and storage without bothering the floor space.

1. Foldable furniture-

We surely need a sofa and a bed, a desk and a dining table, but do we need them 24-7? Furniture that can fold up when not in use or can have multiple uses can accommodate all your needs even in a very small room.

2. Use of mirrors-

Mirrors can give you an illusion of a few more square feet in your smaller space and don’t make it appear clustered.

3. Light up your space-

An appropriate amount of light can open up a clustered space. Floor lights or table lamps can take up your space unnecessarily and make your space look cluttered, hence ceiling lights become the best option.

4. Add height-

When you have a lesser footprint, making the room look larger vertically can make the entire space look bigger. The more the height of the window, the more the space looks open and big. Installing full-height curtains can draw the eyes up and create an illusion. You can also opt for low height furniture for your walls to appear larger; for instance, low height bed or sofa.

How does a modern studio apartment look like?

To envision yourself in a studio apartment you need to know how they look like? Studio apartments vary as per the user, totally depends on what one loves and what is their priority in a given small space.

Some would love to hang out with their friends and binge watch or play video games, for them living area is the priority.

People who rarely spend time in their homes and just come to sleep and shower, for them bed and bathroom is the need.

Here are some of the Studio apartment ideas to clear your vision-

Low on the area but have a very high ceiling, why not create another floor and add up to your square footage? Studio loft apartments are the solution for a modern studio apartment with a high ceiling.

1. Elevate-

Expanding the spaces vertically rather than taking up space horizontally can help you make your space look bigger. The same area can be used for two different spaces and magically double up the area. This elevated space can be your bedroom or a less used space as per your need.

2. Double-duty furniture-

Do you need your living space while sleeping at the night or your bedroom throughout the day? No, right? Using furniture that can be used for multiple purposes can give you everything even in a small space. One single room can be your living room as well as bedroom or dining as well as the working area.

3. Divide and hide-

Studio apartments can be an issue when it comes to privacy. The use of a beautiful shelf or a low height cabinet as a space separator can solve the problem. It also increases up the storage space that becomes a bonus point. Sometimes it’s not feasible to give a partition as it can make your space look very small, curtains do the magic there; open and close them as per your need.

4. Kitchenette-

A kitchen needs so much space for cooking, washing, storage, refrigerator, etc. but how to incorporate everything in such a small space?

A kitchenette is a small cooking area where you can hide your mini-refrigerator or even washing machine under the platform. The storage can go in the cabinets above giving you a clear platform to work.

Image by Michal Jarmoluk from Pixabay

There can be a variety of design options when it comes to designing a small studio apartment or even luxury studio apartments depending upon the space available.

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