The Art Climbo: Attractive and interactive art piece

THE ART CLIMBO is an interactive abstract sculpture designed for parks based on abstract design style. The idea behind this is to create an attractive yet interactive art piece.
The concept behind art climbo is to combine together various objects of random shapes to create a playful space for kids and attract people of all age groups.

The Art Climbo
Picture showing all the stages of concept development

In every object, cutouts of different shapes are given for children to climb up and a slide on one end for the kids to come down. Platforms are created at the top of each object where kids can rest and pose for photographs.

I believe Abstraction need not be limited to shapes, forms, textures, etc. it can also be achieved by visual sensation; playing with reflections of different figures, lights, shadow patterns, etc. 
Therefore, to make this sculpture interactive for all age groups, high gloss reflective material is used. This material brings a visual sensation by reflecting abstract patterns from the environment such as the moving clouds, humans passing by, birds that will fly above the sculpture, etc.

Colored rubbers are added to the periphery of each cutout to make it more playful for children and also to give a grip for kids to climb without slipping.

The Art Climbo

The unique patterns in this sculpture will attract people and definitely make them gaze at it.
The Art Climbo can be a great mood booster.

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